For too long, the radical Left has succeeded with hijacking our public schools and imposing their agenda on our parents, teachers, and students.

Now is the time for conservatives to take back our schools and stop the Left's Transgender Agenda.

That's why I'm asking you to sign your petition right now, to stop the radical Left's Transgender Agenda in our public schools.

Petition to Stop the Transgender Agenda in our Schools:

To My Governor and State Legislators:

Left-wing School Boards in every corner of the country are ordering all teachers and staff to "encourage" all children to embrace the transgender agenda; and

Radical School Boards are abusing their power to force employees to violate their Christian faith; and

Teachers, Parents, and Students who have spoken out against the Left's Transgender Agenda in our schools have been targeted and even fired; and

The assault on common sense and morality in our schools constitutes an egregious violation of Americans' Religious Liberty; and

Conservatives are fighting back, with teachers and parents alike putting their jobs and personal safety on the line by taking a stand against the Left's new Transgender Agenda in our public schools.

I urge you to put an end to the radical Left's Transgender Agenda in our schools, and oppose all efforts to indoctrinate our children with the Transgender Agenda.

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