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With new mask mandates coming from local and state government, the fight to prevent the Shutdown of Churches again starts now!

No authority on Earth has the right to ban churches from holding religious services.

The anti-Religious Liberty left plans to use these mandates to shut down churches again.

Sign your petition below to tell Congress to Stop the Attack on Churches.

To my Congressman and Senators:

Stop the Attacks on Churches

The First Amendment is not conditional, and no authority in the United States has the right to suspend Religious Services; and

Churches have been unduly and unevenly targeted by local and state authorities demonstrating a clear animus through threats, harassment and even criminal charges in the name of combating COVID-19; and

Churches have been prevented from holding services even when meeting or exceeding the very same guidelines that are allowing mega-stores like Walmart or Costco to remain open to commercial business during this viral crisis;

I must insist that you condemn all violations of Religious Liberty in the name of combating COVID-19 and oppose any attempt to limit citizens from attending Churches in America.