Nancy Pelosi rammed a bill through the House to completely destroy the institution of marriage.

And shockingly, 47 Republicans supported her.

Now the Destruction of Marriage Act is before the Senate, and five GOP Senators have already pledged to vote for it!

If Schumer can find five more traitors, he will be able to send this radical bill on to Biden's desk.

And we will witness the federal "un-defining" and erasure of marriage in our country.

That's why I need you to sign this Emergency Petition right now.

We have only a few weeks to organize resistance to this bill.

And after you sign, I need you to make a generous contribution right now so that I can reach one million more Americans and defeat this bill in the Senate.

For the Family,
President Delgaudio

Save Marriage in America Petition

To My U.S. Senators

H.R.8404 is wrongly titled the "Respect for Marriage Act" and should rightly be known as the Destruction of Marriage Act; and

The Destruction of Marriage Act redefines legal "marriage" so broadly as to allow literally anything to be called a marriage -- including "human and object," "human and animal," "homosexual," "single person," and "three-or-more persons" unions; and

Marriage is only rightly defined as the union of one man and one woman; and

Real Marriage is the heart of strong families, and strong families are the foundation of a strong nation.

Therefore, I insist you oppose H.R. 8404, the Destruction of Marriage Act, in every way and in every vote.


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