As a congressman, Paul Ryan supported the Gay Bill of Special Rights --which would have created special laws to privilege homosexuals in the workplace.

As Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan has refused to bring up the First Amendment Defense Act.

He even allowed the Homosexual Lobby to attach language to the National Defense Authorization Act that would have required federal contractors to adhere to the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

And now -- under his watch -- the First Amendment Defense Act has been gutted with language from the Homosexual Lobby that completely flips the purpose of the bill.

Pro-Family Americans need congressmen who are willing to stand up and stand strong for family values.

Yet Paul Ryan has consistently signaled his eagerness to work according to the radical Homosexual Agenda.

That's why he needs to hear from you about his performance.

Please Call & Email Rep. Paul Ryan and ask him why he is not fighting for Religious Liberty, Real Marriage or Traditional Family Values.

Constituent Hotline: 1-888-909-RYAN (7926)

D.C. Office Ph.: (202)225-3031

Janesville Office Ph.: (608)752-4050

Kenosha office Ph.: (262)654-1901

Racine office Ph.: (262)637-0510

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