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Dear Eugene,

Augusta State University is funded by taxpayer money and must therefore comply with the standards of religious and academic freedom that are guaranteed to students who attend public universities.

We must stand up to this attack on traditional values and defend Jennifer Keeton.

I would like to sign your petition to the Governor of Georgia to withhold funding from the Augusta State University until the leaders of the school make this situation right.

Petition To Georgia State Governor
Sonny Perdue

Whereas:   The Georgia State Constitution in section 1, paragraph III protects the citizen’s of Georgia’s right to freedom of conscience; and

Whereas:   Section1, paragraph’s IV and V of the Georgia State Constitution protect the right to freedom of religion and of speech respectively; and

Whereas:   Augusta State University, a publically funded university, has infringed upon student Jennifer Keeton’s freedoms of conscience, religion, and speech by threatening her with expulsion from the counseling department if she does not partake in “sensitivity” courses to change her fundamental religious beliefs on homosexuality, which she has expressed using her Constitutional right to free speech;

Therefore: I urge you, as the enforcer of the State’s Constitutional law, to withhold funding from Augusta State University in the state budget and to inform this school of that decision until such time as they will respect Jennifer Keeton’s Constitutional rights of conscience, religion, and speech and shall cease to threaten her with expulsion for exercising those rights.


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