Senator Tim Kaine is in deep with the Homosexual Lobby.

He has supported their attack on Real Marriage.

He tried to derail both of President Trump's Supreme Court picks -- purely because these two men represented pro-Family views.

Sen. Kaine earned a 0% Pro-Family rating from Public Advocate of the United States.

He refused to support biology-based public bathrooms.

Corey Stewart, on the other hand, earned a 100% Pro-Family rating for his completed and returned Family Values survey!

He has signed pledges to support only Real Marriage (1 Man/1 Woman), to oppose so-called "transgender bathrooms," and to uphold Religious Liberty for Christians.

Mr. Stewart spoke out publicly in support of President Trump's Supreme Court nominees.

He stood fast beside then-Judge Kavanaugh as the nation witnessed the most cruel (and baseless) character assassination on record.

Mr. Stewart campaigned on behalf of pro-Family hero Judge Roy Moore in his bid for Alabama's Senate seat.

Senator Kaine and his allies are still discussing plans to have Justice Kavanaugh impeached from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Kaine's opposition to every aspect of Trump's presidency is despicable.

Corey Stewart is fully supporting Trump's attacks on homosexual privilege and the repeal of Obama's "transgender bathroom agenda."

As a Virginia resident, I need you to take action right now.

First, please contact Mr. Corey Stewart and thank him for his signed Public Advocate of the U.S. Survey on Family Values.

And make sure to thank him for supporting Trump's pro-Family policies.

Then, I need you to contact Senator Kaine's campaign office and insist that he break his ties to the Homosexual Lobby.

Tell Kaine that Virginia wants their representatives to support real family values.

Virginia voters legally amended our Constitution to define Real Marriage as one man and one woman -- so why is Kaine happy seeing his constituents stripped of their right to vote?

Here is their contact information:

Corey Stewart Campaign
Phone: 571-989-2759

Senator Tim Kaine Campaign
Senate Phone: 202-224-4024

Ryan McAdams -- running for Congress from VA's 4th District -- also earned a 100% Pro-Family rating for his completed Family Values Survey!

His opponent, Donald McEachin, has a 0% Pro-Family rating.

Don't forget to Vote on November 6th.

Virginia is relying on pro-Family advocates like yourself to set us back on the right course.

Please let all the candidates know that Family Values and Real Marriage matter a great deal to you.

For the Family,

HON. Eugene Delgaudio
Public Advocate of the U.S.