Virginia is a key battleground state in this year's mid-term elections.

The Homosexual Lobby is determined to make our state a radical stronghold for their agenda.

Experts from every corner of the political spectrum are predicting that the 2018 Mid-Term Elections will be viciously contested.

The Homosexual Lobby and the Hard-Left are determined to derail President Trump's pro-Family advances.

Which is why Virginia has become so important.

We have contacted candidates in both major parties, running for Senate and Congress.

Every candidate in these races was sent an eight question survey covering critical issues on the pro-Family platform.

These issues ranged from support for real marriage -- to keeping the transgender agenda out of bathrooms -- and even to stopping the brainwashing of public school children with radical indoctrination.

I am proud to report the following results to Virginia voters.

For the U.S. Senate from Virginia, Mr. Corey Stewart and Dr. Minerva Diaz have each earned a 100% Pro-Family rating for their answers.

Senator Tim Kaine has been awarded a 0% Pro-Family rating for his refusal to complete and return our issues survey.

All other candidates currently have a 0% Pro-Family rating as well.  Our records confirm that each and every one of these candidates received multiple copies of their personalized surveys.

They were all warned that refusing to answer would result in a negative score.

Please contact as many of these candidates as you can and encourage them to complete and return Public Advocate's Pro-Family Candidates Survey.

It is our sincere hope that their failure to speak up was merely an oversight.

You can show them how important this survey is to Virginia voters.

And make sure to thank Corey Stewart and Dr. Diaz for their 100% Pro-Family answers!

U.S. Senate Candidates

Corey Stewart -- 100% Pro-Family

Dr. Minerva Diaz -- 100% Pro-Family

Senator Tim Kaine -- 0% Pro-Family
(202) 224-4024

Bert Mizusawa -- 0% Pro-Family
(202) 956-7590

Nick Frietas -- 0% Pro-Family

Bishop E. W. Jackson -- 0% Pro-Family

Ivan Raiklin -- 0% Pro-Family

I am also pleased to report that Public Advocate is surveying critical House races in Virginia.

Running for the 4th Congressional District, Ryan McAdams answered his survey 100% Pro-Family.

Running for the 2nd Congressional District, Mary Jones answered her survey 100% Pro-Family.

And running in the 10th Congressional District, Mr. Shak Hill is the only candidate to earn a 100% Pro-Family rating for his signed and completed survey.

Please thank them all for their brave stance in support of Pro-Family issues.

And sign your pledge below to support pro-Family candidates.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

Sign Your Pledge to Support Pro-Family Candidates

I, a citizen of Virginia, do hereby pledge that pro-Family values matter deeply to me and I expect my politicians to support them in office.